They say when one door closes, another one opens…especially if you have to build the new door yourself!

Welcome Diner has so far been unable to strike an extension of our current lease agreement with Mr. and Mrs. Young, our landlords, who we credit with originally bringing the diner to Garfield in the 1980’s. If we are unable to do so we will no longer occupy our original Roosevelt location and will fully move operations to 929 East Pierce, at the southwest corner of Garfield’s “4 Corners”. If we do somehow strike an extension at the current diner we will most likely power it down for a bit and see how it can best serve the Welcome mission, the Welcome team and our guests.

With a new long term spot secured at 929 East Pierce, this move allows our Welcome team to have the sustainable growth and financial stability needed to continue serving the hood and all that come. We have cemented our viability at our new location to serve you for many, many years to come and we can’t be more at peace, and stoked, with this silver lining! We’ll be able to bring brunches back! We’ll have some interior booth seating to enjoy in summertime and rainy days! In alignment with our mission, we will be able to expand our menu a tad, bringing you some more plates and more specials! We’ll have room to add a whole line of our super fantastic baked goods from our sister spot, Welcome Chicken + Donuts - and add coffee to that lineup!


Our journey began at 924 East Roosevelt as a few good friends chasing a dream that seemed recklessly romantic. It’s turned into a company with nearly 70 employees and 3 restaurants in Arizona. Many of the Diner’s original staff are still with the company. This is our Neverland that we hoped we’d never leave.

It breaks our hearts to potentially not be able to continue operating out of the OG Welcome Diner location. We poured our hearts, souls, blood and tears into that little space for the last 5 years – and the 10 years before when we first completed the diner’s remodel and opened to the public. We laughed, we cried, we celebrated victories and mourned loses, we made friends, we made family, we made lovers, we kept the lights on well into the night when nobody else would for all the homies and Garfield neighbors. We partied there like it was the most important place to us…because it was. The diner taught us what it meant to provide hospitality in the purest form possible.

But mourn not; eat good, party hard and celebrate what the diner has meant to everyone - no matter what the final form of change is. We are moving forward and in the process being reborn. We have a new lease on life. We are excited for what’s to come. So let’s embrace what has been and what will be. Bring your family, your friends and your lovers and let’s make history before we drop the last bird, pour the last Hurricane and turn the lights off one last time or just for now.


We will be open at our current location at least until Sunday, May 13th! Maybe we’ll stay open a bit after that maybe not, we’re going to feel it out and do it all justice. We do not yet have a hard date that we will open over at the new location either – but sometime soon after we close it down on Roosevelt. Stay tuned – we’ll keep you in the loop as dates firm up! And please - def come by!  

As it will always be….“We Look Forward To Serving You!”

WD Mgt.