Welcome Diner is a farm to table, American Fare diner; of place in the Southwest/Sonoran Desert, roots set with a Southern tinge. 


We scratch cook with the finest ingredients – made with integrity by our purveyor partners. We prize providing our guests with genuine hospitality. We strive to create a better experience for our guests every day.


The Welcome Diner is located on the southwest corner of the 4 Corners commercial hub of 10th St and Pierce, embedded in the Garfield neighborhood, Downtown Phoenix.  We started our hospitality journey in Garfield over 15 years ago, humbly, in a 200 square foot space – and had some epic times to boot throughout the years; we moved into our new digs in the late spring of ‘18.  The Diner is committed to Garfield as it continues to evolve and develop as the special place it is and has always been. 


The new space is a collaboration between our neighbor/architecture firm, Kaiserworks, and Welcome’s sister affiliate, Martha + Mary Studio.  An amazing group of homies joined in: Welcome team members and regulars, Randal Wilson, Pueblo, Jon Haddock, Loud Luggage, Doug Abrahamson, soldierleisure, Randy Slack, Danelle Hacche, Vince Droney, Matt Minarjes and many others. 


Our greatest hope is that the Welcome Diner, for many years to come, will be a community asset for you and yours.


We look forward to serving you!