Welcome Diner is a farm to table, American Fare diner; of place in the Southwest/Sonoran Desert, roots set with a Southern tinge. 


We scratch cook with the finest ingredients – made with integrity by our purveyor partners. We prize providing our guests with genuine hospitality. We strive to create a better experience for our guests every day.


The Welcome Diner is located on the eastern edge of Downtown Tucson and the most westerly point of Broadway Blvd's Sunshine Mile.  The Diner features the California birthed Googie architecture of Mr. Ronald Bergquist.  It expresses a modernism and optimism straight outta 1964, the year the diner was built. 


With the architectural collaboration of Welcome’s sister affiliate, Martha + Mary Studio, and Repp + McClain Design and Construction, the building was renovated in 2016 to highlight its original intention.  An amazing group of artists and artisans joined in: look for the installation of original and subsequently remodeled building tiles, the discovered and exposed neon light boxes over the counter, paintings by Jon Haddock and Stephen Cosand, a Danny Martin drawing collection of foxy/soulful Tucson buildings. 


The Broadway Blvd setting is the perfect match to our Welcome Diner offering.  It helps us express our vocational love and respect for Tucson’s urban desert culture, opportunity of offering and sense of hospitality. 


Our greatest hope is that the Welcome Diner, for many years to come, will be a community asset for you and yours.


We look forward to serving you!